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It's a bird. It's a plane. I will be ur Lois Lane.
Holla! :)
Laine is the name.
I was born on the 22nd day of August during the year of 1996.
Pretty simple, yet, unforgettable. Quite chic but still, I'm amiable.
I'm a proud Filipina and my hometown's Laguna.
Well, let's be friends maties :) Feel free to follow and surely, I'll follow back.
XoXo :]

25 Typical Love Advice →



1. Kapag alam mong WALA na talaga. TAMA NA. AWAT NA.

2. Mahalin mo naman yung sarili mo.

3. Lahat ng tao napapagod.

4. Baka pwede pa naman mapag-usapan.

5. Bigyan niyo muna ng time yung isa’t isa.

6. Kung hindi na pwede, wag nang pilitin. Magkakasakitan lang kayo.

7. Pag-isipan…

5 days ago

DG (via escafeism)

(via matabangpanda)

Alam ko sa sarili ko kaya ko namang magpatawad sa mga taong nanakit sa akin. Natatakot lang ako na baka hindi sila natuto sa nangyari at ulitin lang nila yung pagkakamali nila.
5 days ago

You don’t have to deal with other people’s bullsh*t. Yours in enough.

5 days ago

My fairytale, My nightmare..

'Twas a school day when I met you.

"Who’s your crush?", the first thing I asked you.

Weird may it seems, but you didn’t hesitate to,

You gave me an answer, I didn’t tell anyone who.


We treated each other the best,

We had a lot of fun, I was never stressed.

I never assumed ‘till you confessed,

You said you like me, I was filled with so much zest.


I watched you prove something.

I enjoyed us, midnight communicating.

I wasn’t ready to commit, you said you’ll be waiting.

So I believed you ‘till one day, there’s something missing.


You left me in the middle of everything. To you, I felt no one.

I was really hurt to find out you were someone’s someone.

I thought you’ll be my first one,

Fooled by your I Love You, you turned all to none.


Now, as much as I’m afraid to be alone,

I am afraid to find and trust someone.

As much as I’m afraid to lose someone,

I am afraid to love someone.


I cannot blame you why I’ve loved you long,

I thought it was all right, ‘till I realized it was all wrong.

I prayed for your happiness so I would stop hoping,

'Cause when I see you, I feel like I was drowning.


I’ve been to two places with you : to my fairytale, and to my nightmare,

Someone who sees through the heart will see mine with, “Handle it with Care”.

You are, yet, my great love,

Will I ever give and feel the same? Not the pain, but the true love.

2 weeks ago

my head has been really terrible lately


my head has been really terrible lately

3 weeks ago

ishani jasmin (via ishanijasmin)

when i’m older i’m not going to be able to take days off when i get nervous
and want to sit under the bed covers and breathe in the dark.
now, you make me go to the places i need to be
(but i still get nervous on the bus).
someone once told me that as i grew up, i would realise that no one else had a fucking clue what they were doing either,
but it seems like everyone i talk to is just feigning ignorance and making headway when i’m not looking
and i do not know what i am doing.
3 weeks ago
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